Our Vision

To EXPORT Energy technologies to the world, and play a major role in the industrial development of the region.

Our Mission

Assist and partner our clients, in the Industrial sectors, to achieve their goals and provide advanced technology services and products in a competitive environment.

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About us

Dynamic Energy (DE) is a service and technology company. Focused on Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries. DE's vision is to be an Energy technology exporter to the world. We aim to reach our vision by combining local talent and expertise with International leading organizations. DE's official start was in July-2010, but the idea behind it started much earlier. The idea started with a dream. And this dream continues to fuel the efforts of our aspirations & goals.

DE's current activities include

  • Specialty Oil & Gas Field Services
  • Industrial/Power Boiler Services
  • Thermal Engineering Services
  • Mechanical Equipment & Specialty Chemicals Trading
  • General Plant Maintenance Contracting, focused on Re-Tubing & Rotating Equipment.






  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Engineering Services
  • Quality & Inspection

Dynamic Energy is seeking to develop and provide innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry utilizing local expertise and alliance with international service providers.

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When it comes to Process Equipment Engineering Services, today’s industry decision-makers want the best products at the best price, designed to meet their operational and production needs. Process Equipment is a major investment that must be designed and operated with superior handling to deliver years of reliable performance.

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The Quality and Technology Company QTech was established in 2011 to provide quality assurance and inspection support services to clients in Saudi Arabia and GCC. QTech's ultimate goal is become a knowledge transfer agent, to help the developing economy in Saudi Arabia by localizing advanced knowledge and skill. QTech's range of products and services was selected to provide clients, with the best in class.

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Contact Us

  • Head Office
Alturki Business Park
King Saud Road
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
P.O Box 30879. Al Khobar 31952
  • +966 13­ 806 5080
  • +966 13­ 806 5081
  • info@dynamicenergysa.com
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